GMC motorhomes were made between the years 1972 and 1978, a total of 12,921 vehicles were produced in that 6 year period of time and 7,000 of these motorhomes are still on the road today.  The vehicles were “made to last”, utilizing  baby boomer technology that proves to stand up to the tests of time.  They were designed to be luxurious, sturdy vehicles that could bring American families the comforts of home while exploring the great outdoors.  

Keeping a vehicle on the road for close to two decades takes a lot of engineering, patience and knowledge.  That is why GMC motorhome owners have united across the country to form a network of people who help each other to make  vintage mobilehome ownership successful. I was fortunate enough to meet some of these people in the Chicago chapter, The Six Wheelers.

Dave is a member of the Chicago Six Wheelers and the midwest's go to guy for GMC repairs. Dave, a large machine mechanic by trade, and his partner Floyd, a life long machinist, have been working on GMC’s for a combined 70 years.

When I brought my RV to Dave I had one of  six brakes, a broken hot water heater, an electrical problem, a leak in my waste line and a lot of anxiety.  Over the course of six months Dave & Floyd tinkered away at my vehicle ensuring it was ready for my trip across country.

Pryor to becoming a FULL-TIMER, I took a few short trips in echo to get used to the experience of living in a mobilehome, without fail something went wrong every time. The disappointment of encountering problems was greatly offset by the comfort in  knowing I had the guys for the job.  The resource that I found in these men is invaluable. They helped me to understand the different systems that make up my new home and the steps to take towards solving unavoidable problems that come with being a GMC’er. 

While on my travels I was fortunate enough to meet Jim Bounds of COOP Motorworks  in Orlando, FL.  This COOP is one of a kind and has close to 50 GMC Motorhomes around the property in various states of renovation.  Nothing in particular was wrong with Echo when I stopped here but I couldn't pass the opportunity to meat the East Coast Guru of GMC's and get his take on my RV's condition.  Jim was kind enough to spend an entire day with me fixing minor things on my RV, he knows these vehicles inside and out and is happy to share is knowledge with anyone willing to ask.  He even guided me on how to install a battery interrupter, a catalytic converter, change my oil, adjust the throttle and install compression fitings to repair a transmission fluid leek. I highly recommend making the stop if you find yourself in the Orlando area!

There are many people within the GMC community that have kind hearts, willing hands and sharp minds.  For instance GMCMI has created a 'black list' that can be used by any GMC owner to locate people that are willing to rescue you and your vehicle if a breakdown does in fact happen.  

While many owners of these classic motorhomes are in their RETIREMENT years,  a surge of young people are begin to EMERGE who are passionate about carrying on the gmc legacy.  you are interested in learning more about gmc motorhomes here is a list of other websites that generate content centered around their preservation and restoration.